Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The problem(s) with EJB @Scheduler

Really annoyed with the new EJB 3.1 @Scheduler API implementation. Not only because of JSR, which lacks of basic functionality such as defining where to persist jobs and how to manage them, but with the implementations.

The JSR is crystal clear when it states

"Timers are persistent. If the server is shut down (or even crashes), timers are saved and will become active again when the server is restarted. If a timer expires while the server is down, the container will call ejbTimeout when the server is restarted." (JEE tutorial)

problem #1

JSR does not want to improve it. Really. Check this out. Come on.

problem #2

Then, JBOSS implementation was clearing the jobs after server shutdown.

problem #3

Then TomEE+ implementation promises to properly implement the jobs persistence in the 1.6.0... well, not really. 

So, are the JEE containers really taking the specs seriously?


Going back to Quartz.

And sorry for the ignorance, but reading , tell me, what part of the code is expected to be executed when a programmatic timer scheduled reaches the timeout?

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