Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RUP humps are not that accurate

Actually, it was never intended to be, as many can think :-)

(...)Over the years, this diagram has become increasingly connected with RUP, so that sometimes it is regarded as a logo for the process. The chart has then since been spread widely over the Internet. A known misconception about the hump chart is, that it is based on empirical assessment of actual projects rather than on Kruchten's educated guess.
...I always insisted that these humps were just illustrative, as well as the number and duration of iterations shown on the horizontal axis, but many people wanted to read much more meaning in that diagram than I intended. For example, a gentleman from Korea once wrote me to ask for a large original diagram to measure the heights, and ‘integrate' the area under the humps, to help him do project estimation...(...)

 We use to call them "the whales" :-)

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